The Artist Campaign

While creating this globally demanded product, we attempt our best to uplift the rural lives and preserve the rich old crafts of India.

We really work hard to uplift the rural artists who have been suffering due to mass machine made productions and in addition their traditional art skills and heritage craft forms have also been diminishing. Currently we are working on "The Artist Campaign" wherein we're putting together a collection of jewellery, scarves and home decor products hand made by different kind artists and some of these artists are awarded by the government too. This campagin will be agressively promoted on our social media platforms to create awareness. These artists might be award winning but they still don't get the recognition or income they deserve. 

Caring for the environment

In addition to this, we attempt to do environmentally friendly products depending on product material. For example, we've been aggressively promoting vegetable tanned leather products to our leather accessories buyers.
Artstory's parent company : Jaguar Steel & Coal Pte Ltd. is into trading of metal scrap across the globe. So wherever possible we try to take in scrap from our fellow factory owners, specially the small scale ones, bring the waste to our yards, and then find different ways to deal with it so that it can be resold.
Last but not the least, Artstory is SEDEX certified in 2019 and our membership number is ZC407152892.
We would like to assure our buyers that we do our bit for the society and are always finding new ways, they might not be that big in scale, but yes we're always willing and working hard to reciprocate to the community.
If we do business together, we can be completely  transparent in our product development operations and constantly update you with whatever efforts we're making to fulfill our CSR.